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Join us in our enduring distribution initiative and make a meaningful impact on the lives of those in need
"He Who gives, receives."


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About Us

Welcome to Tiffin Seva, where our motto is inspired by the saying, "He who gives, receives." We are committed to providing essential meals to those in need, focusing on rural areas and underprivileged families. Currently, we require 500 tiffins daily to meet the growing demand. With your generous contribution of just Rs. 50 per tiffin, you can actively participate in our noble cause and bring a positive impact to many lives. We urge all compassionate individuals and families to extend their helping hand to support Tiffin Seva. Together, let's make a difference and share the love with those who need it the most.

Supporting Needy Families:

Tiffin Seva operates with a specific goal in mind - to assist families in rural areas who struggle to fulfill their daily meal requirements. By donating a mere Rs. 50 per tiffin, you can be a part of this heartwarming initiative and help us reach out to those in dire need. Your contribution ensures that we continue to provide nutritious and wholesome meals to those who may otherwise go without.

Join Our Movement:

Joining the Tiffin Seva movement is easy and impactful. With just a small amount, you can make a significant difference in someone's life. By donating to our cause, you not only feed a hungry soul but also become a beacon of hope for someone in distress. The act of giving is not only rewarding for the receiver but also brings a sense of fulfillment and contentment to the giver.

Make a Difference Today:

Your support can change lives. A simple act of kindness can uplift communities and brighten futures. By contributing to Tiffin Seva, you become a part of a collective effort to combat hunger and poverty in rural areas. Share the joy of giving by participating in this noble cause and encouraging others to contribute too.

Donate Now and Spread the Word:

Making a donation is quick and hassle-free. Click the link below to contribute Rs. 50 per tiffin and help us achieve our daily goal. Together, we can ensure that no one sleeps hungry, and every smile is nourished with compassion and care. Additionally, don't forget to share this initiative with your friends, family, and social circles to amplify the impact of Tiffin Seva's mission.

Rakesh's journey began during a trying period when his father fell seriously ill and had to be hospitalized. During this difficult time, Rakesh faced a significant challenge - ensuring that his father received timely and suitable meals while being far away from the hospital. The distance and the need for specialized food became a pressing issue, leaving a lasting impact on Rakesh's mind. Two days after his father's passing, Rakesh made a heartfelt decision to honor his father's last wish by embarking on a meaningful mission to help others in need.

‘No one should sleep hungry’